Let me tell you about her.

First, the most important thing you must know about her is that everything that I love in my life comes from her.

She is my dream girl, literally. But I will save that for another story.

She has given me our two children. While she was pregnant, a friend of ours said that you’ll never know how much love you have inside of you until you have a child.

This has proven to be true for us.

She has supported me in my transition from the military to owning a business. She has supported me through all of my mistakes, hiccups, poor decisions, failures and a couple of small successes.

She continues to support me.

But wait until you hear this part.

While maintaining a full-time job as a teacher, a waitressing job six months of the year, a mother all of the time, she has also started her own baking business.

She makes cinnamon buns.

And they are delicious!

She is successful in every sense of the word.

She inspires me.

I wish she could be me for a moment, to see herself how I see her.

To see and understand how incredibly grateful I am to her.

To see how strong my internal promise of being a hero, husband, father, provider, protector is for her and our children.

To understand my knowledge of who I am being for her, but more importantly who I need to be for her.

Because the man I was yesterday and the man I am today, is completely different from the man I need to be in order to give her the life I promised.

I’m not there yet for her, but as I write this it’s occurring to me that maybe why is because I am saying, “I’m not there yet for her.”

I guess life really is the reflection of, “If you say so!”

So here’s to a new promise…

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