I’m 46.

And at some point in time I started noticing something.

Suddenly I have been meeting lots of people who are younger than me and seem to have more money, more success, more of their dreams coming true.

I’m meeting people younger than me who are successful CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, business owners, authors, photographers, artists.

Those “grown up” careers are now filled by people ten years younger than me.

And it’s hard not to compare myself to them.

I know I shouldn’t.

But I do.

I know everyone’s story and circumstances are different. 

But it’s still hard to not think about it.

Especially at times when you’re surrounded by them.

The one thing I got though…

It’s that belief of mine that God, the universe or whatever doesn’t give you these dreams without the possibility of actually achieving them.

But contrary to belief that it’s never too late, the reality is that sometimes, at some point, it will be too late.

So let’s not fool ourselves.

And let’s get to work.

Good luck, Chris

Chris Galluccio is retired military and currently a fine art photographer and creator of the “You Are Mona Lisa” Project. You can view his work at www.ChristopherGalluccio.com

He is also the Founder of www.ThoughtsWordsActions.com where he helps the military, vets and military spouses achieve the security and freedom they deserve through their own businesses.